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Seepia edits "Comme le vent" books, the site LaSeiche (columns, comments and alternative info) and the blog Natural Writers.

The collection “Comme le vent” presents books about wakefulness, empowerment, love and action. Novels, news, poetry, essays, arts, printed books and ebooks are in French and English. The books are printed by on-demand print services to avoid holding unsold unsustainable stock.

Publisher’s outlook
The huge output of depressing distractions feeds an imagination of powerlessness, creating a web of fears, habits, judgments and discouragement. Wherever I go this seems to me to be many people’s lot, the young in particular and it can’t go on.

One of the things at stake in the crisis of being alive that humanity has to face is to know whether our imaginations will be able to leave behind the cliches and fictions of the old world in order to create narratives which bring us back to life, regenerate us and encourage us to change.

Literature forms a vast field of the exploration of the imagination. Couldn’t we make a start now by imagining how we would like to live ?

Like those who preserve and exchange ancient and precious seeds to conserve a natural diversity at risk, "Comme le vent” books keep to the essentials, seeking to circulate particular ideas to see if things could be imagined differently and thus lived differently as well. Dreams and imagination are the first steps to action.

“ More and more there are indications that lead us to believe that perception and imagination are mental functions that are closely connected. They are distinct, of course, but there are masses of overlapping points between a mental image and the perception of an actual situation. Therefore, it is possible to learn and to physiologically change through the act of imagining.” Franciso Varela

Our roots are our future.

Eva Wissenz

Manuscripts :
We look at manuscripts in French, English, Italian and Spanish.
We only accept manuscripts by email : commelevent (at)
As a first step we would ask you to send us your résumé, three chapters of your book and a brief account of your work.

Seepia has chosen not to deal with Amazon as the values of this type of business are not the same as ours.

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