Natural Writer

In childhood, books preserved me by nourishing my immense curiosity, and by opening doors and windows to the riches and precipices of humanity. I started to write so I could fund my travels and I never stopped. I like to explore the possibility of an active and inspiring literature, which will lead us back to a centre of caring. This love will hopefully spark the will and desire to necessitate the changes that the crises of modernity have wrought.

I’m interested in all writing. During a walking tour of Greece by myself, I understood that everything can be considered as a sign and that words are basically only vehicles for ideas at the service of the artists we all are. I believe that we all can create so much. I studied literature, art history, piano, oriental luth and oriental dance, bharata natyam Indian dance among the Klein sisters in Paris, learned several languages, experimented with various forms of scripture, investigated the spiritual teaching of the Aborigines, the Indians of the Americas, the sufism of Rumi, the Zen soto proposed by Me Deshimaru, the thinkers of ancient Greece and the Christian mysticism. I contemplated Fra Angelico and watched as I nurtured tomato plants in Limousin with the same joy as had giving birth my two children. Currently I am continuing to deepen my knowledge of the body and plants by studying naturopathy at INH school in Paris.


  • Novels
    - Most of my books are all available in French on this page.

  • Collective
    - Osons la fraternité - Manifeste pour un monde ouvert, éd. Yves Michel, 2016.
    Written in reaction to the Paris attacks in 2015, this volume brings together texts by Edgar Morin, Patrick Viveret, Michel Bauwens and many others. Part of the copyright goes to the association 13onze15 in support of the victims.
    - I collaborated with the photographer Angélique Boudet on her work Ciel Intérieur and the series of postcards, Dreaming and Bords de mer published by Images Plurielles, Marseille, 2007..

  • Short stories, travel stories, miscellaneous
    - Short story about Cuba in Brèves de voyage, Bouts du monde, 2017.
    - L’amour de mère en fille in Rêve de femmes, n°44, hiver 2016.
    - Lune Rouge in Kaizen, n°21, été 2015.
    - Cuba - Pile et Face ? in Bouts du Monde, n°7, juin 2011.
    - Inde - tout est danse in Fario, n°9, déc. 2010.
    - The short story L’éléphant blanc was rewarded at Nicolas Bouvier contest’s organizad by Pérégrin Génevois, 2005.<
    - The short story La prochaine à droite was published in Brèves magazine, 2004.

  • Poetry
    - Two Greek poems were published as part of a collective book, Limoges, 2008.
    - Au Port de Paros - with original paintings from Anne Slacik. Éditions Al Manar, Paris-Marrakech, 2006.

  • Workshop, grant and writer residence
    - Conducted a writing workshop at the palliative care unit of La Maison de Gardanne in 2006 - 2007.
    - Writer in residence at the Paros House of Literature E.KE.MEL during the winter of 2006 (Cyclades).
    - Received a Discovery Scholarship from the Centre National du Livre in 2006 for Fluxus.

  • Translations from Italian to French
    - From Giacomo Leopardi, Allia publishing: Huit petites œuvres morales, Tout est rien, Dialogue entre un honnête homme et le monde and participation to vol. 1 of the Zibaldone.
    - Théâtre de la mémoire from G. Camillo, Allia.
    - Other translations for Flammarion, Fayard, Actes Sud, sub-titling for the stage and adaptation of sustainable manga stories for Akata-Delcourt (2009-2010).
    - wo scientific articles appeared in G. Leopardi in "Revue des Etudes Italiennes" (2000) and "Quaderni di filologia e critica leopardiana" (1997).

    Current projects

  • Natural Writers
    Art, faith, sharing, nature, society, love, creativity, celebration, action, beauty are themes explored in new texts published each week on the collective blog of Natural Writers. Each theme is led by different artists.

  • Changeurs de monde
    Supported by Matthieu Ricard, this important and far reaching project endeavours to propose different visions of History and to re-examine the contributions of the people involved. Project site here.

  • Speaker

    In 2019, speaker at Lahti Lappeenranta University (Finland) Sustainable Grands Challenges and speaker at Waves Festival of Aalto University inHelsinki (Finlande) about impact entrepreneurship.
    In 2018, contribution to module 7 of the AlterCoop training :" L’altérité et la coopération en action, s’inspirer d’acteurs engagés."
    In 2017, I gave the conferences " Énergie solaire, énergie en soi et énergie d’action ", exhibition Marjolaine, Paris and "Adolescence and old age: the gatekeepers", conference in Paris. "Woman of letters, woman of being, a realization listening to Self", was a conference givien at Evolution Days, Caen.