Professional career

I am living in Finland where I work as a impact and social entrepreneur. I am co-founder and chairperson of GoSol to spread solar entrepreneurship in developing countries. I am also founder of Seepia, a "toiminimi" focused on impact practices and sustainable lifestyles. And I am a writer.

I’m also currently in charge of the creation of the Sustainability and Impact Club with Y-Kampus / Tampere Universities.

I have 8 years experience (4 as CEO) managing international partnerships, handling communications, providing mission logistics in developing countries (India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Haiti, South Africa), and multi-cultural team management. I worked at the intersection of clean tech, education and agro-food sectors.

Before that, I worked 7 years as free-lance journalist, writer and translator with a special focus on culture, agriculture, food, non-violent communication and energy, and as Chief Website Editor and Director of Publications of Paris Tourism Office with supervision of several collections, management of Paris city guides, brochures and maps in 9 languages, production of all internal reports and transition to use of recycled paper.

My experiences working as a free-lance, corporate and entrepreneur have made me flexible, rigorous, organized, creative, passioned about sustainability and focused on customer satisfaction.

Originally French-Italian, I studied art history at the Ecole du Louvre and Italian literature at the Paris IV-Sorbonne Uni. At the Sorbonne, I began my PhD studying the 19th century philosopher Giacomo Leopardi (1999) and I became one of the translators of his books. I enjoyed studying and teaching at the university for 3 years as an assistant but I needed more adventure. I left academia to explore our beautiful planet while working freelance in art and tourism publishing. Then I gained corporate experience in tourism and publishing, I started to write novels but my awareness of the global climate crisis propelled me to become an impact entrepreneur. I co-created Solar Fire / GoSol, a solar energy company in Finland, 2012. I have also created Seepia that same year as my personal company ("toiminimi") to promote sustainable lifestyles.

Invited speaker and mentoring

In Autumn 2019, I have launched to highlight the sustainable solutions in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region.

- Creation of the Sustainability and Impact Club with Y-Kampus / Tampere Universities.
- Speaker representing Tampere Universities at the Impact Round Table organized at Aalto University A-Grid (January 2020).
- Mentor for Hidden Gems in Tampere (Oct. 2019-Feb. 2020).
- Speaker at Stream Festival in Tampere (Oct. 2019): in what jungle would you like to live?
- Mentor at Startup Weekend Sustainability in Tampere (Sept. 2019).
- Speaker at Waves Festival of Aalto University of Helsinki about impact entrepreneurship (June 2019).
- Speaker at Lahti Lappeenranta University (Finland) at a conference about "Sustainable Grands Challenges" (June 2019).
- Invited delegate by Autodesk Foundation at Skoll Forum for impact and social entrepreneurs in Oxford (May 2019, blog).
- Contribution to the AlterCoop training :"Cooperation in action - take inspiration from committed people" (April 2018).
- Speaker about solar energy for vulnerable populations at Marjolaine Fair for Sustainable Lifestyles, Paris (Nov. 2017).

GoSol (Solar Fire Concentration Oy) is an impact and social enterprise that I co-created with my husband and 4 friends. I have been the CEO between 2015 and 2019. I’m now Chairperson of the Board.

As an impact entrepreneur I have worked closely with multiple international partners: Autodesk Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Plan International Finland and Uganda, Finnish energy company Wärtsilä, Finnpartnership, Carbon Cycle in the Philippines, World Vision Finland and Kenya NGO, Global Resource Alliance NGO in Tanzania, Deloitte Foundation, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Rexel Foundation, Finnvera and the University of Berkeley. We also have developed trainings and we’ve been working in projects in Haïti, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, India, Philippines, Amazonia and Europe.

Publishing activities

Before becoming an entrepreneur in Finland, I worked as freelance and corporate in the Paris art and tourism publishing industry where I have more than a 20 years experience. I also wrote and published books in French, I’ve been a publisher myself as a hobby with Seepia (my "toiminimi") and I was a free-lance journalist and blogger (La Seiche).

  • Chief Editor and Editor in Tourism:
    > For Comptoirs du Monde travel agency (Paris), I wrote new guides on Uganda and Finland and updated contents of their website related to New Zealand, Brazil, Senegal, Namibia, Kenya, Ireland and Scotland, Greece.
    > For Michelin, during 3 years, I researched and wrote eight new guides, notably in Cuba, in Greece and in Italy.
    For the travel agency Nomade Aventure, I edited the new version of their website.
    > I was Chief Publisher/Editor at the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau during 2 years. This position consisted of overseeing various collections of publications, including city guides, brochures and maps in 9 languages, as well as internal reports and annual reports. I also oversaw the conversion of publications from new material to recycled and was responsible for the editorial section of the website,
    > I was Chief Editor of 6 Paris city guides for Zurban newspaper.
    > At Hachette Group I edited and proofread 32 travel guides and participated in the creation of 4 new titles.

  • Editor in Art:
    > J. Kugel Gallery is regarded as one of the most prestigious international antique galleries. During 10 years, I had the privilege of working directly with Alexis Kugel who entrusted me with the editorial catalogs of six exhibitions. I also worked on their new website.

  • Organizing events for Modern Art scene:
    In 2001-2002, I organized several conferences at the Modern Art Museum of Centre Pompidou in Paris for the Revues Parlées de Marianne Alphant. I also edited the catalog for the retrospective of designer Fabrice Praeger.

  • Writing and translating:
    > From 2012 to 2018, I created and ran Seepia Publishing House with 16 titles in its catalog. Read here for more about it. Before that, I translated a dozen books from Italian and English Literature into French, I have adapted eco-manga novels and wrote subtitles for French-Italian theater productions. I wrote and published about 12 books in French (novels and poetry).
    In Finland, I worked with Suomen luomumatkailuyhdistys ECEAT Suomi ry and Tampereen ensi- ja turvakoti ry in 2012.