Between 2012 and 2018, I ran the Seepia Publishing platform. By creating Seepia I wanted to open a space for literature that promoted a vision of a more loving and sustainable world.

Like all cultural enterprises, publishing has become industrialized and generates enormous waste. Every year in France, 110 million pounds of published works are destroyed 2-3 months after publication (here). Consequently Seepia choses print-on-demand and did not distribute books on Amazon.

These past 6 years of activity have resulted in rich collaborations: the search for absolute coherence of Jeff Knaebel (US/India), the spirit of cooperation with Christine Marsan (France), a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund the translation of Janice Ray’s (US) essay on seeds keeping with support of Vandana Shiva (India), the project leaders of a new Lexicon with +200 French contributors and free short novels offered by a friend engineer (France).

Seepia no longer publishes books.