Seepia is offering services and consultancy about impact practices and sustainable lifestyles. New business models, high impact companies and social businesses have specific needs in terms of organization, communication and development. My strong experience with international partners and impact players is here to serve and support project in terms of communication, logistics, management, events organization and content creation.

I have created to highlight the sustainable solutions in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region.

In the past...

Between 2012 and 2018, Seepia was a publishing house.

By creating Seepia I wanted to open a space for literature that promoted a vision of a more caring and sustainable world.

These past 6 years of activity have resulted in a catalog of 17 titles in French and rich collaborations: a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund the translation of Janice Ray’s (US) essay on seeds keeping with support of Vandana Shiva (India), the project leaders of a new Lexicon involving +200 French contributors, the discovery of Jeff Knaebel’s adventure (US/India), and the spirit of cooperation with the great teatcher Christine Marsan (France).

Like all cultural enterprises, publishing has become industrialized and generates enormous waste. Every year only in France, 110 million pounds of published works are destroyed 2-3 months after publication (here, in French). Consequently Seepia chose print-on-demand and did not distribute books on Amazon.

Seepia no longer publishes books.